The Ultimate Guide to Superfoods


Superfoods are those foods that have amazing nutritional and healing properties. A lot of the time they’ve been used for centuries by traditional cultures. These are foods that you can include in your daily diet to improve your health, fight disease, and make you feel great in general. Some are detoxing, some give you energy, [...]

Ultimate Guide to Supplements


Here’s another topic where opinions from the Paleo crowd will differ. Some people say if you’re eating Paleo you don’t need supplements at all, while others say you need to choose wisely and take some supplements. So what’s the verdict? Yay or nay? Why You Might Want To Avoid Supplements To be honest, most commercial [...]

Appliances for Any Paleo Kitchen


If you’re going to cook or otherwise prepare any type of food, you’re going to need appliances and other kitchen equipment. The proper equipment can make or break your efforts when it comes to making certain items. You have a few different categories of appliances: food prep, fermenting, cooking, and food storage. You don’t have [...]

Paleo Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore Recipe


The Internet is full of Paleo (and not-so-Paleo) chicken cacciatore recipes. The trick is finding one that is perfect for you, your family, and your tastes. You can use a whole chicken, breasts or thighs, a sauté pan or a slow cooker, and a complicated ingredients list or just a few ingredients. Personally, I prefer [...]

Time Hack: Reinventing Your Dish


A lot of the fun in my kitchen comes from improvising. I really like to push myself to come up with things that I can’t even name, recognize, or reproduce properly, but at the end of the day, it usually tastes amazing. Part of the reason every time is different, is because of what I [...]

Fish Oil Health Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Fish oil health is yet another area in Paleo where everyone has their own opinion. Some experts say everyone should take fish oil supplements and some say “Oh noes! Fish oil causes cancer! Don’t take it!” There are also middle-of-the-road people who say we just don’t need to take fish oil, greens supplements, or any [...]

7 Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas


So…you’re transitioning to Paleo and have no idea what to eat for breakfast besides toast or cereal? Well, never fear, because there are oodles of delicious and healthy things you can eat for breakfast that don’t involve bread or boxed sugar-filled cereals (or cereals of any kind). Here are 7 Paleo breakfast ideas for you [...]