6 Unexpected Benefits of Cold Showers

6 Reasons to Take Cold Showers

The Paleo diet is an excellent framework for better health. By taking a page from our ancestors’ playbook, we can make the right choices about what to eat (and avoid) in an age where modern diets are making people overweight and sick. But there are plenty of “non-Paleo” things—like air conditioning, exercise machines, and modern […]

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Grilled Chicken ‘n’ Veggie Kebabs

Kebab Recipe

Summer is in the air, and nothing says it’s summertime better than cookouts. Shish kebabs are a staple at many BBQs, and these Paleo-friendly grilled chicken kebabs have all the taste of the season. Try adding different veggies to make your kebabs perfect for you.  How To Make It: 1. Cut chicken, bell peppers, and onions  into 1-2 […]

Date Paste – The All Natural Sweetener

All Natural Sweetener

If you love caramel then you will love this date paste. If you’re looking for an all natural sweetener that’s packed with nutrition — fiber, iron and potassium, to name a few — then this easy recipe hits the spot. The date paste makes a great alternative to refined sugars and can be drizzled over desserts, added to smoothies, or even spread on […]

5 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Results Soar

Workout Tips

“I fear not the man that has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick, 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee In terms of fitness, it is not how much but how well we move that determine our results. If you want incredible fitness results, then you’ll have to do things the […]

Coconut Mango Popsicles

Paleo Popsicle Recipe

Grocery freezer aisles rarely offer a balanced and nutritious meal. One of the freezer aisle’s biggest offenders is the neon-colored Popsicle section, where corn syrup or refined sugar prevail. It’s okay though: Homemade Popsicles are one of the easiest desserts made Paleo-friendly. With endless potential combinations of fresh produce, homemade pops are a quick and […]

5 Ways to Nuture Your Gut at Home


Have you given any thought to your gut’s flora and fauna lately? Join Christa Orrechio, clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor at The Whole Journey, for a discussion on the much overlooked importance of gut health. In this episode, learn why candida overgrowth might be the source of what ails you, how to test for […]

8 Tips To Handling Social Pressure and Staying Paleo

Paleo Tips

“I could never give up bread.” “You’re saying you don’t like the food I made?” “You’re good all the time. Come on. It’s just a little piece of cake.” If you’ve been Paleo for long, those phrases probably look painfully familiar. Once you decide to change your life, it doesn’t take long for social pressure […]

Pea and Watercress Soup

Pea and Watercress Soup Recipe

Boost your greens intake with this easy Pea and Watercress Soup. Peas are a powerhouse of nutrients packed with iron, fiber, zinc and vitamins B1, B6, B3, B2, C and K. (Related: Spicy Turkey with Green Peas) These little gems are a super way to increase nutrients in your weekly food budget. Watercress is packed with […]

The 6 Kettlebell Workouts Every Beginner Should Know

Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

Over the last few years, kettlebells have become quite popular in sports clubs, crossfit boxes, and individually owned personal training studios – and for good reason. Kettlebells are unlike any traditional weight or machine found in gyms, and kettlebells will give you a workout unlike any traditional equipment. Believe it or not, there’s even evidence […]

Sweet Honey-Baked Salmon

Salmon Dinner Recipe

The sweetness of the honey works wonders with the salmon to make a simple meal packed with flavor. The light honey glaze enhances the salmon and is a fantastic recipe for a midweek dinner that you can throw together in less than 20 minutes. Add a super mix of fresh vegetables and a baked sweet potato […]

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