Nut Butter Recipes Worth Trying

Nut Butter Recipes Worth Trying - Paleohacks

Not many people who decide to go paleo enjoy saying goodbye to peanut butter, but once the alternatives have been found and sourced the happiness quickly returns – and more so! Honestly, how many people before following paleo enjoyed nut butter varieties such as almond butter, macadamia butter, or naturally sweetened hazelnut and cocoa butter […]

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Know Your Produce & How To Clean It

Know Your Produce and How to Clean It - Paleohacks

A big concern for paleo followers, after the food choices themselves have been understood and applied and meals are being made regularly, is the quality of the produce being consumed. This day in age, you need to be fully aware of where your produce is coming from. Although the fruit or vegetable that you’re holding […]

Hemp Seeds – Undervalued & Under Consumed

Hemp Seeds - Paleohacks

Australia – what an amazing place. Full of diversity in environment, from crystal clear beaches, to rain-forests to red sand desserts. Oh, and New Zealand, now that’s a place of wonders when it comes to mother nature! But one must admit that these are pretty backward places, when you learn that they are the only […]

Dandelion: The Wonder Weed For Delicious Salads

Dandelions: Super Weed - Paleohacks

That weed infested garden you see going on in your backyard, might just turn out to be the best salad garden you’ve ever grown! Needless to say, also the easiest. Edible weeds are becoming an after-thought, if even a thought at all in our lives today. When we’ve been told something is a weed in […]

Making Use of Medicinal Properties in Common Plants

Medicinal Properties in Common Plants - Paleohacks

There are a lot of wild plants growing around the world that are considered to be weeds, but in actual fact they contain extremely powerful medicinal benefits. These so-called weeds can flourish and when people are aware of them they can become a very simple and effective way to cure and help treat certain ailments. […]

Why You’re Sick Of Eggs – And How To Love Them Again

Why You're Sick of Eggs - And How to Love Them Again - Paleohacks

Eggs have become somewhat disinteresting to many paleo followers, likely a result of paleo beginners seeing every 2nd and 3rd breakfast recipe as egg based. Everyone is different, and I don’t think anyone can eat the same food over and over and over… and over again without getting tired of it. I must digress though […]

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