Chia Banana Mango Trifle


This very simple and super delicious recipe uses chia seeds, milk, honey and fruit to make a trifle. It can easily be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert as soaking the chia seeds allows for quick convenience at any time of the day with just a little prep work in advance. The honey and fruit give […]

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8 Tips for Better Sleep

8 Tips for Better Sleep

There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. And, in fact, you are doing lots of damage to your health by not being able to sleep. Many are simply unaware of the metabolic, neurologic and long-term consequences of sleep loss. And yet – […]

Sweet Potato Skins

Sweet Potato Skins

These tasty and satisfying sweet potato skins are perfect Paleo appetizer or even served as a side dish. They are fully loaded and melt in your mouth! Directions Thoroughly wash and scrub the sweet potatoes, then pat dry with a clean dish towel. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and lightly grease a baking sheet with […]

4 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home

4 Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Home

If you are new to limiting waste in your home and currently setting out two, three or even more garbage bags of trash per week as a family, then not only are you contributing to a problem but that’s a lot of money you’re throwing away! Fortunately, we have some pointers for you on how […]

Carrot Goji Salad

Carrot Goji Salad

Carrot and gojis are a super combination of sweet and savory. This Carrot Goji Salad is an excellent way to add a boost of nutrition to a meal whilst bursting with delicious fresh flavors of the raw carrot. The seeds add a lovely crunch to the salad whilst the lime keeps it fresh and zesty. […]

Salt: Evil Additive or Essential For Health?

Salt Intake

Salt has been a highly valuable commodity throughout the history of mankind — so revered that terms like “worth their salt” are used widely to describe a person’s integrity. Yet today, every newspaper, magazine, and blog seems to be telling us to avoid salt like the plague! With all the conflicting information, it’s no wonder […]

How To Become A Master Chef In Half The Time – With Leanne Ely

leanne ely

Hey there! Back with the latest Paleohacks Podcast — in this videocast, our guest, Leanne Ely, joins Clark to discuss: How to get cooking FAST, and get cooking WELL. How to Save time + money in the kitchen with these shortcuts! The best way to eat Paleo on a budget Why cooking is a privilege, […]

Is Dairy Paleo?

Is Dairy Paleo

There is almost nothing as controversial as dairy in the Paleo world. This is a strange grey zone, because human breast milk is pretty much the most perfect food there is when it comes to nourishment and nutrients. Babies who are breast-fed longer have higher IQs, among many other beneficial areas of achievement. And our […]

10 Ways to Slow Aging Naturally

10 Ways to Slow Aging Naturally

When it comes to aging, wrinkled, and sagging skin, we tend to think of slathering our skin with the latest beauty product to reduce lines and imperfections. There’s a good chance we also spend money on expensive surgeries and treatments to take the years off our face. Truth is, aging is more than just skin […]

9 Foods for Perfect Skin

9 Foods For Perfect Skin

The information here will be simultaneously straightforward and empowering. I won’t be selling you on some new gizmo to reverse aging and add glow to your skin. Instead, I want to inspire you to get back to living naturally. The information I want to share with you today is ingrained into the genius of nature’s […]

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