Evan Brand on Isolation Tanks, Sensory Deprivation, and Stress

Evan Brand Podcast

Can isolation tanks play a role in improving your mind and performance, plus what is an isolation tank? How can you get the best nights sleep without supplements? Let’s get beyond just paleo, and find out not only what get make us feel better on the inside, but how can our lives be better all […]

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Should You Avoid Kale?

Should you avoid kale?

Do you live for your kale smoothies, kale chips, or sautéed kale? If so, you’re not alone. Kale has great nutritional properties that you might be aware of, but have you heard there’s also a darker side to kale? Things aren’t all sunshine and roses in kale land, though: eat too much of the leafy […]

How Paleo Are You?

How Paleo Are You

You have cooked some amazing Paleo recipes. You have lived the Paleo lifestyle. You have even tried to climb a new Food Pyramid. But…How Paleo Are You? Tear into that bloody steak, kick your Vibrams onto your bear skin rug, and take the ultimate paleo quiz! We will get into the meat of it (no […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Paleo Diet on a Budget

Paleo Diet On A Budget

The types of questions I see most often about the Paleo diet have to do with eating Paleo on a budget. Searching for “Paleo on a budget” on PaleoHacks alone yields about 1,150 results, plus we have our Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo on a Budget from last year, which dove into how and where […]

Dr. Terry Wahls on How To Overcome Diseases

Dr. Terry Wahls Podcast

What are the biggest mistakes you are making with your health, longevity, and energy? How do you go from sitting in a wheelchair to standing on a TedX stage? What supplements can you avoid? We have Dr. Terry Wahls on today to go beyond Paleo and go heavy into our health to answer everything above. […]

Supplements On A Paleo Diet

Supplements On A Paleo Diet

One of the biggest appeals of the Paleo diet is the fact that supplements are largely unnecessary. It is fairly easy to get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need from real food. However, as the paleo concept has grown, paleo lines of supplements have popped up, and certain issues have become more prevalent, […]

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