Paleo Madness: Which Foods Are Most Paleo?

Paleo Madness 2014

UPDATE #1: We have our FINAL FOUR: Grass-Fed Beef, Kale, Avocado, and Berries. Who will be the winner? Vote now! With March Madness and the Final Four coming to an end this weekend, we wanted to do something fun around that and created our own: Paleo Madness 2014! We created four different “Divisions” with eight [...]

Paleo Protein Powders

Paleo Protein Powders

With the increasing popularity of the Paleo movement, there has come a myriad of products, books, supplements, diets and yes, Paleo protein powders and that’s why I wanted to follow up my write up on Paleo protein bars. Now, these powders are somewhat redundant, as protein powders technically fall into the realm of ‘dietary supplements‘ [...]

What’s With All The Bacon?

What's with all the bacon?

12:30pm, May, 2011-Gulf Shores, Alabama-my well-meaning but misinformed business associate-“no, I don’t want any bacon (slight chuckle)-all that saturated fat’ll give you a heart attack you know!”. As I hopelessly explained a few things about saturated fat not being the enemy, and about the process of inflammation from excess carbs,  I noticed his tell-tale eyelid [...]

Joe Salama on The Paleo Miracle

Joe Salama Paleo Miracle

To start things off, HUGE THANKS to all you awesome listeners and PaleoHackers! We hit #1 in our Health Category on iTunes last week. How? All because of you, so thanks again. Now, to this week. We have Joe Salama, the co-author of The Paleo Miracle in which he breaks down 50 real stories of [...]

Chris Hiestand on Why You Fail With Paleo

Chris Hiestand

Hey hey PaleoHackers! How do you create delicious Paleo recipes that aren’t just bacon (huh?)? Can you feel healthy and lose fat without just monitoring calories in and calories out? If you’re a “big eater,” how do you monitor willpower, plus why do so many people seem to fail with the Paleo diet (even though [...]

Trace Minerals: What are they? And why are they important?

Trace Minerals

When most people look to modify or examine their diets, they tend to focus on the big picture. And that is a great approach. Food groups to avoid, food groups to include, macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and including foods they know to be nutritionally beneficial. While this is a great approach, and very sensible, there [...]

Pan-Seared Tuna Steak: Perfectly Paleo!

Tuna Steak

I have to admit, I don’t eat a lot of fish, and after eating more than my fair share of canned tuna during my student days, I definitely didn’t have very high expectations before trying out this recipe. The thing about a decent tuna steak, though, is that it’s just so darned good! Before even [...]