The Tao of Paleo

Hey there! Today we’ve got a special episode of the Paleohacks podcast — with TWO guests this time, instead of just one! This episodes guests are Joe Salama and Jason Goldberg, authors of The Tao of Paleo. You may recognize Joe from a previous episode, The Paleo Miracle. In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, […]

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Keto Clarity: Eat Fat To Burn Fat

Todays guest is actually one of our speakers from our upcoming Women’s Weight Loss event — Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is the author of the brand new book, Keto Clarity, and is an expert when it comes to carbohydrates & ketosis. So if you’re looking to cut carbs (or to find a role for them in […]

How To Learn Anything In Half The Time – Jim Kwik

Today’s guest is one of my favorite people in the world – Jim Kwik. Jim is the master and a bonafide expert in speed reading, speed learning, and memory. I’ve seen him memorize over 50 numbers on stage, and then repeat them back to the audience — backwards and forwards. Jim travels around the world […]

How to Never Get Sick – Samantha Gladish

samantha gladish

Today’s guest is Samantha Gladish, owner of In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, Samantha & Clark discuss: How to whiten your teeth in THREE DAYS! What does it mean to be a Qualtarian? Anti Aging strategies – How to look younger today. Why Your oral products are making you SICK How to detox […]

How To Save Money Going Gluten Free – Jennifer Fugo

jennifer fugo

Today’s guest is Jennifer Fugo, creator of the Gluten Free School, and owner of In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, Jennifer & Clark discuss: What’s the deal with gluten? Why does it matter? Are YOU gluten intolerant? Here’s how to tell. Is the gluten free movement a fad or here to stay? Does […]

The Paleo Diet 101 – Dr. Loren Cordain

loren cordain

We’ve got a VERY special guest for you on today’s podcast – the godfather of the Paleo diet – the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Loren Cordain. In this episode, Dr. Cordain & Clark discuss: What the founder of the Paleo movement thinks of it today. WHY plant based diets are NOT king. Why […]

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