How to Break Bad Habits & Create New Ones – Chris Schelzi

chris schelzi pavlok

Hey there! Today’s guest is Chris Schelzi, one of the directors of the SHOCKING new device, Pavlok. If you haven’t heard of it, Pavlok is an electronic bracelet that uses ‘mild’ shock therapy to help you break bad habits. Sounds crazy? I thought so too, except it’s been shown to help people break their smoking […]

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Origins: Live Like Your Ancestors in a Modern World – Pedram Shojai

Hey there! Back with the latest Paleohacks Podcast — in this videocast, our guest, Pedram Shojai, joins Clark to discuss: Origins – Our roots. Our planet. Our future. How to live like our ancestors in our modern world. Are chemicals making you fat? Eliminate these specific ones and improve your health. Lessons learned from Pedram’s […]

How To Become A Master Chef In Half The Time – With Leanne Ely

leanne ely

Hey there! Back with the latest Paleohacks Podcast — in this videocast, our guest, Leanne Ely, joins Clark to discuss: How to get cooking FAST, and get cooking WELL. How to Save time + money in the kitchen with these shortcuts! The best way to eat Paleo on a budget Why cooking is a privilege, […]

How To Stay Paleo Anywhere & Everywhere – With Abel James

abel james podcast 54

Hey there! We’re back with a brand new episode of the Paleohacks podcast — and we’ve added in a brand new format as well — video! In our first videocast, our guest, Abel James, joins Clark to discuss: Why time off is an absolute MUST for your health. How to eat 100% paleo while traveling. […]

The Effects of Exercise on Your Brain

Effects of Exercise on Your Brain

We are all (hopefully) well aware of the numerous physical benefits of exercise. But did you know that exercise has a positive impact on your brain as well? Even walking for 45 minutes per day has been proven to be beneficial. With the modern plight of inactivity and obesity that plagues the global population, this […]

The Sitting Solution: Why Standing Heals with Chad and Brenda Walding

chad and brenda walding

Hey there! We’re back with another episode of the Paleohacks Podcast — featuring Chad & Brenda Walding of The Paleo Secret. Chad and Brenda join Clark on the show to discuss: FACT: the average American sits for 9.3hr/day (and only sleeps 7.7hr/day) FACT: sitting reduces fat burning enzymes up to 90% FACT: Standing can improve […]

Move Your DNA – And Lose Weight! (With Katy Bowman)

katy bowman move your dna

Hey there! We’re back with another episode of the Paleohacks Podcast — featuring another second-timer, and one of our favorite biomechanists — Katy Bowman! Off the release of her brand new book, Move Your DNA, Katy joins Clark on the show to discuss: The TRUTH about “braless” – is it better? Should you “suck it […]

Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Fat Doesn't Make You Fat

Let’s address the absolutely ridiculous idea that fat makes you fat. If fat made people fat, wouldn’t anyone who ever consumed lots of extra virgin olive oil (like in the traditional Mediterranean diet) be morbidly obese? Or what about the Inuit, who consumed a very high fat, low carbohydrate diet? Using this logic, they would […]

How To Conquer Depression Without Drugs With Kyle Davies

kyle davies podcast

Hey there! After a long hiatus, the Paleohacks podcast is BACK in action! In this episode, our guest, Kyle Davies, joins Clark to talk all about depression. As someone who has dealt with depression issues, this episode was extremely valuable — and if you or anyone you know are struggling right now, they should absolutely […]

The Tao of Paleo

Hey there! Today we’ve got a special episode of the Paleohacks podcast — with TWO guests this time, instead of just one! This episodes guests are Joe Salama and Jason Goldberg, authors of The Tao of Paleo. You may recognize Joe from a previous episode, The Paleo Miracle. In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, […]

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