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Stefani Ruper on How To Be Sexy By Nature

Stefani Ruper Podcast

Stop nitpicking on your diet and stop nitpicking on your body. That happens often in the Paleo world, but physical and psychological wellness go hand in hand. Also, are there practical tips to actually upgrading your sexiness level? You betcha! Learn the “New Rules” of being sexy. So…while I was putting together a wish-list of [...]

Ben Greenfield on How to Become Superman with Biohacking

Ben Greenfield

The Paleo diet meets endurance sports; do they compliment each other or work against each other? We have my fellow Washingtonian Ben Greenfield (the biohacking Ironman, coach, shirtless blogger, and author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life) dropping next level knowledge on how to become Superman through biohacking. Ben will tell you how [...]

Joe Salama on The Paleo Miracle

Joe Salama Paleo Miracle

To start things off, HUGE THANKS to all you awesome listeners and PaleoHackers! We hit #1 in our Health Category on iTunes last week. How? All because of you, so thanks again. Now, to this week. We have Joe Salama, the co-author of The Paleo Miracle in which he breaks down 50 real stories of [...]

Chris Hiestand on Why You Fail With Paleo

Chris Hiestand

Hey hey PaleoHackers! How do you create delicious Paleo recipes that aren’t just bacon (huh?)? Can you feel healthy and lose fat without just monitoring calories in and calories out? If you’re a “big eater,” how do you monitor willpower, plus why do so many people seem to fail with the Paleo diet (even though [...]

Tony Federico on Why You Are Eating Poison Everyday

Tony Federico

The PaleoHacks community has spoken and we have listed! The band is back together. We have a bunch of podcasts lined up. To start things off, I get into some Paleo diet recipes with Heather Connell, a certified Holistic Nutritionist and voice behind Multiply Delicious. She has some great recipe cookbooks and another coming out [...]

Dr. Mike Tremba on How To Have Amazing Sex

Dr. Mike Tremba

Amazing sex? Sexual health? These caught my attention when I started chatting with Dr. Mike Tremba. His tips, insight into hormones, and understanding of these issues for women too (not just men!) blew me away. Dr. Mike also has crazy knowledge on natural solutions to improving the human body. A self-described “recovering food addict,” he [...]

Yuri Elkaim on How to Have Energy on Demand


At the start of the year most folks are looking to get in shape, which is why I thought today’s podcast guest would be perfect for this time of year. Yuri Elkaim has made it his goal to help everyone get in the very best shape of their lives, eat healthier than ever, and have boundless [...]