The Sitting Solution: Why Standing Heals with Chad and Brenda Walding

chad and brenda walding

Hey there! We’re back with another episode of the Paleohacks Podcast — featuring Chad & Brenda Walding of The Paleo Secret. Chad and Brenda join Clark on the show to discuss: FACT: the average American sits for 9.3hr/day (and only sleeps 7.7hr/day) FACT: sitting reduces fat burning enzymes up to 90% FACT: Standing can improve […]

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Move Your DNA – And Lose Weight! (with Katy Bowman)

katy bowman move your dna

Hey there! We’re back with another episode of the Paleohacks Podcast — featuring another second-timer, and one of our favorite biomechanists — Katy Bowman! Off the release of her brand new book, Move Your DNA, Katy joins Clark on the show to discuss: The TRUTH about “braless” – is it better? Should you “suck it […]

How To Conquer Depression Without Drugs With Kyle Davies

kyle davies podcast

Hey there! After a long hiatus, the Paleohacks podcast is BACK in action! In this episode, our guest, Kyle Davies, joins Clark to talk all about depression. As someone who has dealt with depression issues, this episode was extremely valuable — and if you or anyone you know are struggling right now, they should absolutely […]

The Tao of Paleo

Hey there! Today we’ve got a special episode of the Paleohacks podcast — with TWO guests this time, instead of just one! This episodes guests are Joe Salama and Jason Goldberg, authors of The Tao of Paleo. You may recognize Joe from a previous episode, The Paleo Miracle. In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, […]

Keto Clarity: Eat Fat To Burn Fat

Todays guest is actually one of our speakers from our upcoming Women’s Weight Loss event — Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is the author of the brand new book, Keto Clarity, and is an expert when it comes to carbohydrates & ketosis. So if you’re looking to cut carbs (or to find a role for them in […]

How To Learn Anything In Half The Time – Jim Kwik

Today’s guest is one of my favorite people in the world – Jim Kwik. Jim is the master and a bonafide expert in speed reading, speed learning, and memory. I’ve seen him memorize over 50 numbers on stage, and then repeat them back to the audience — backwards and forwards. Jim travels around the world […]

How to Never Get Sick – Samantha Gladish

samantha gladish

Today’s guest is Samantha Gladish, owner of In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, Samantha & Clark discuss: How to whiten your teeth in THREE DAYS! What does it mean to be a Qualtarian? Anti Aging strategies – How to look younger today. Why Your oral products are making you SICK How to detox […]

How To Save Money Going Gluten Free – Jennifer Fugo

jennifer fugo

Today’s guest is Jennifer Fugo, creator of the Gluten Free School, and owner of In this episode of the Paleohacks Podcast, Jennifer & Clark discuss: What’s the deal with gluten? Why does it matter? Are YOU gluten intolerant? Here’s how to tell. Is the gluten free movement a fad or here to stay? Does […]

The Paleo Diet 101 – Dr. Loren Cordain

loren cordain

We’ve got a VERY special guest for you on today’s podcast – the godfather of the Paleo diet – the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Loren Cordain. In this episode, Dr. Cordain & Clark discuss: What the founder of the Paleo movement thinks of it today. WHY plant based diets are NOT king. Why […]

Jordan Reasoner – Is Your Gut Making You Sick?

jordan reasoner

Today’s podcast is a VERY important one — I would highly suggest listening to it if you have had any digestion related issues, as Jordan Reasoner (today’s guest) is one of the top experts in gut health, and offers many solutions to common gut problems. I have gone through my own issues with digestion & […]

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