3 Foods You Need to Remove From Your Diet with Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson

The Paleohacks podcast welcomes Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple fame. One of the early pioneers of the Paleo diet, Sisson offers his thoughts on the mainstreaming of Paleo culture as well as tips for a primal lifestyle. Beyond diet, Sisson delves into concerns about our psychological relationship with food, exercise habits, […]

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6 Hacks to Sleep Better Than a Baby

How to Sleep Better

We all know we should aim for eight hours of sleep, but are you getting the most out of your nightly snooze? 

3 Steps To Perfect Gut Health with Dr. Jillian Teta

Gut Health

Let’s talk gastrointestinal health today with Dr. Jillian Teta, a naturopathic physician and author of “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health.” Join Dr. Teta for a discussion of the gut’s influence on nearly all systems of our body—from those that affect us physically to those that affect our mental and emotional health. Learn how we’re 10x […]

The 2 Worst Foods For Your Skin + The Dangers of Topical Creams with Dr. Trevor Cates

Worst Foods for Your Skin

Join Dr. Trevor Cates, aka the“Spa Doctor,” for suggestions on how to achieve glowing skin the naturopathic, holistic way. 

Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Health w/ Samantha Gladish


Today’s episode, featuring wellness coach Samantha Gladish, is specifically for women — covering birth control, alternative contraception, tips & programs for hormonal balance, and some unorthodox approaches to treating PMS and cysts. In this episode, learn why candida overgrowth might be the source of what ails you, how to test for gut problems at home, […]

Vitamin C: Facts and Myths

Vitamin C Facts And Myths

When you are compiling a list of beneficial foods and vitamins, I’m going to guess that fruits will make your list. And when it comes to health, no vitamin is likely thought of more than vitamin C. After all, isn’t this why we are all told, ad nauseam, to consume so much orange juice? And […]

5 Ways to Nuture Your Gut at Home


Have you given any thought to your gut’s flora and fauna lately? Join Christa Orrechio, clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor at The Whole Journey, for a discussion on the much overlooked importance of gut health. In this episode, learn why candida overgrowth might be the source of what ails you, how to test for […]

How to Break Bad Habits & Create New Ones – Chris Schelzi

chris schelzi pavlok

Hey there! Today’s guest is Chris Schelzi, one of the directors of the SHOCKING new device, Pavlok. If you haven’t heard of it, Pavlok is an electronic bracelet that uses ‘mild’ shock therapy to help you break bad habits. Sounds crazy? I thought so too, except it’s been shown to help people break their smoking […]

Origins: Live Like Your Ancestors in a Modern World – Pedram Shojai

Hey there! Back with the latest Paleohacks Podcast — in this videocast, our guest, Pedram Shojai, joins Clark to discuss: Origins – Our roots. Our planet. Our future. How to live like our ancestors in our modern world. Are chemicals making you fat? Eliminate these specific ones and improve your health. Lessons learned from Pedram’s […]

How To Become A Master Chef In Half The Time – With Leanne Ely

leanne ely

Hey there! Back with the latest Paleohacks Podcast — in this videocast, our guest, Leanne Ely, joins Clark to discuss: How to get cooking FAST, and get cooking WELL. How to Save time + money in the kitchen with these shortcuts! The best way to eat Paleo on a budget Why cooking is a privilege, […]

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