6 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings For Good

Beat Sugar Cravings

It’s probably safe to say by now that we all know sugar is bad for our health, right? So how can we beat sugar cravings for good? We know that we really shouldn’t consume it often, but that’s often much easier said than done. As I outline in The Whole Journey, sugar is a sneaky, [...]

Top 5 Ways to Improve Digestion Naturally

Improve Digestion

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 Americans suffers with digestive discomfort? Most of that is unnecessary, but many people ignore it or don’t talk about it until it begins affecting other aspects of their health. At The Whole Journey, we always say, “digestion is the cornerstone of all health”. It really is [...]

How To Get Better Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep

In my brand new book Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life, I devote two huge chapters to giving you everything you need to know to get better sleep, eliminate insomnia, and beat jet lag and master the nap, including: 4 biohacks to get better sleep 7 supplements to help you sleep better 10 ways [...]

Stefani Ruper on How To Be Sexy By Nature

Stefani Ruper Podcast

Stop nitpicking on your diet and stop nitpicking on your body. That happens often in the Paleo world, but physical and psychological wellness go hand in hand. Also, are there practical tips to actually upgrading your sexiness level? You betcha! Learn the “New Rules” of being sexy. So…while I was putting together a wish-list of [...]

12 Amazing Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Paleo Meal Delivery

Let’s be honest here for a second: eating a healthy Paleo diet of fresh meat and veggies whilst trying to maintain a career and have any semblance of a social life isn’t exactly easiest task in the world. Between prepping, cooking, and eating all this food from scratch, there sometimes isn’t much time left for, [...]

Primal Food Pyramid & Why I Hate the Food Pyramid

Primal Food Pyramid

3:00am-St. Louis, Missouri, 1999 Me-frustrated-another night of shaking, sweating, and non-sleep.  The only thing I could think of to possibly help was a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch-or maybe a Krispy Kreme or six. I had been following almost *everything* the food pyramid told me to do, and couldn’t understand…. Breakfast the previous morning? Whole [...]

Ben Greenfield on How to Become Superman with Biohacking

Ben Greenfield

The Paleo diet meets endurance sports; do they compliment each other or work against each other? We have my fellow Washingtonian Ben Greenfield (the biohacking Ironman, coach, shirtless blogger, and author of Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life) dropping next level knowledge on how to become Superman through biohacking. Ben will tell you how [...]