Jordan Harbinger On How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

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When it comes to getting healthy, all of the tips, tricks, and biohacks are worthless unless you get your MIND right first. If you have the wrong mindset, if you have a victim mentality, or just an all around bad attitude around your health, then you will ultimately sabotage your ability to get healthy. Very often (in fact, almost always) the biggest obstacle to your success — not just in health — is yourself.

With that thought in mind, today’s podcast guest, Jordan Harbinger, talks with Clark about the very important topic of getting out of your OWN way. In this episode, Jordan and Clark discuss:

  • Does the mind follow the body or does the body follow the mind?
  • Why “Fake it till you make it” doesn’t work.
  • How to follow through on what you start
  • Is there a fat loss supplement that will make you go BLIND?
  • How to avoid diminishing returns on your health.
  • Why we get in our own way by now following through.
  • Action steps that will break your bad habits

As usual, this is a very in-depth episode and if you are having issues with achieving anything in your life – from better health, to financial success, to personal happiness, this episode is a must-listen. Check it out on the player below.

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