James Swanick – How Alcohol Is Making You Fat

james swanick podcast

This may not surprise you – but I am not exactly the biggest drinker. Occasionally I’ll get a little nuts and have some champagne (paleo police, please don’t arrest me!), but for the most part, I’m alcohol free.

I know that getting rid of alcohol in your diet is not exactly the easiest task for some people (I, frankly, just don’t enjoy the taste of most alcoholic beverages) – but if you feel that alcohol is a problem in your diet, and you’re looking to lose that extra 10 lbs — then this podcast episode is for you.

Today’s podcast guest, James Swanick, talks with Clark about the very important topic of getting out of your OWN way. In this episode, Jordan and Clark discuss:

  • How you can lose 38lbs without changing what you eat.
  • Does alcohol have a role in a diet?
  • The biggest tips for giving up casual drinking
  • Why even drinking one night per week is killing your goals
  • How to go from average to awesome
  • Quick workout and nutrition tips for losing the last 10lbs.

James graciously put together some show notes for you for this episode – check them out here: James’ Show Notes

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