Stress and Your Hormonal System: Functional Paleo Video #1

Is switching to a paleo diet enough to reverse disease and restore health?

For some people, yes. However, for those with hormonal imbalances, a more comprehensive lifestyle change along with a thorough investigation of hidden (and not so hidden) stressors may be in order.

In this video, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition founder Reed Davis gives an overview of the hormonal system, outlining the impact of chronic stress on the function of the human body.

If you liked this presentation, then you will definitely enjoy Sean & Reed’s webinar – watch their presentation replay here.

Reed & Sean will take you way beyond diet and exercise and even “Beyond Paleo”. You’ll learn why our hormonal, immune, digestion and detoxification systems don’t match up to Paleo Man and what you can do to assess and correct them. These critical and much overlooked factors in Paleo Lifestyle are easy to handle when you know the secrets.

Reed & Sean will be doing a LIVE Q&A on Monday, April 8th at 5pm PST/8pm EST – if you have any questions about your health at all, or are interested in becoming a natural health practitioner, these are the guys to talk to. Make sure to join them here: Functional Paleo Livestream.

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  • Carol

    Great video and explanation, I just started my road to recovery from several autoinmune conditions. I’m new to the paleo diet/life style and I’m looking forward to all the information that you guys will be bringing. thank you :)

  • Valerie

    Would it be possible to send a link to the webinar event afterward, since I will not be able to listen during that time. I have classes, but would really love to hear the information. Thank you.

  • Hilary

    Question – for Addison’s disease, where you don’t make cortisol because of autoimmune attack on the adrenals, what are natural ways to assist and support the stress system that you outlined in this video, along with the cortisol supplementation?

  • Lynette Kreidler

    This is really good information. Much more in-depth than the usual diet/exercise info, but on target.
    I love the shirt JERF, I want one!
    Looking forward to more of these.
    Oh, BTW, is there a way to have these all in one place so I can use them as resources for my clients?

  • Darrin

    Very well done. This is a simple, easy to understand explanation of the relationship between stress and human hormone function.