Dr. Terry Wahls on How To Overcome Diseases

Dr. Terry Wahls on How To Overcome Diseases
Dr. Terry Wahls Podcast

What are the biggest mistakes you are making with your health, longevity, and energy? How do you go from sitting in a wheelchair to standing on a TedX stage? What supplements can you avoid?

We have Dr. Terry Wahls on today to go beyond Paleo and go heavy into our health to answer everything above. Dr. Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A., where she teaches internal medicine residents in their primary care clinics.

Download this podcast and come hear Dr. Terry Wahls and me discuss:

  • How the Wahl’s Protocol can upgrade your energy
  • What are Mitochondria and why do they matter? (Hint: more energy)
  • Functional medicine’s role in reversing and preventing diseases
  • 5 BEST supplements you should be taking
  • How to do at home lab work and the best labs to order
  • Is radiation unavoidable in our modern word and what should you do about it?
  • What are some alternatives to medication?

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  • Brenda

    You do realize that something has to die every time…or several somethings have to die, depending on the size of your family…organ meats are served. So, once a week organ meats means that my family of five would have to kill two deer or sheep, or one of a larger size every week. What shall we do with all the extra meat, as we would not eat two entire deer each week, or one whole beef or elk, either. So how would one eat organ meats twice a week in a sustainable way?
    This is a real problem for us.

    • Hannah

      Say you are a family of four sharing one chicken per day for a week. That is seven giblets (gizzard, heart, liver) which will make a decent size organ meat portion per week for each of you. You can also eat or make stock from other nutritious odd bits like tongue, kidney, tripe, feet, bones, etc.

    • Ainsley

      Most people don’t consume the organ meats of animals so they are, for the most part, a sad waste product. You should feel proud to eat organ meats every week as you are eating them instead of all the other poor people. When you are eating more organs than the rest of the animal, then have concern. Until then, buy your organs in bulk.

    • Carolyn

      If you are talking about the purchase of organ meats, I believe I eat beef liver and beef kidney twice a week in a sustainable way. I order from a “local” ranch that raises grass fed, or in the case of pigs and chickens, pastured animals that are chemical free and non-GMO, and who delivers to my local farmers market, thus sustaining two smaller, local businesses that leave small environmental footprints.. These practices protect the earth, animals and people in the long run.. I am also buying at a higher price which keeps my consumption of organ and muscle meat less but of the best quality for my family, which also reduces our sick days, doctor visits and use of pharmaceuticals. To address the quantity of organ meat, I only eat about 4 ounce3s a week, so it would equate to 2.5 pounds a week for 5 people. This is less meat that most families of five eat of muscle meat a week in an average diet.

      If this is not purchased organ meat and is hunted, I can see the dilemma. But there are many organs such as kidney, tongue, heart, and liver that can stretch out the need to kill more animals than can be eaten at a time. I do not think organ meats need to be eaten in the quantities that muscle meats do as the nutrient density is so much more.

      Hope my opinion helps.

  • Gabby Usaacs

    Hi there, been in Gaps diet for 16 months now, as I’ve had food inter acne and allergies, slowly getting better, my Gaps practitioner wants me to cut out all nuts and dried fruit now, I’m very thin and I get hungry, I still get itchy and don’t sleep, most nights,, all though very tiered, what do you suggest?
    Regards Gabby

  • Anita Drost

    Verry interesting. Lot of greeting from the Netherlands.

  • A


    I would bet organ meats are the least consumed part f the animal these days. Organ meat is very cheap for a reason. It is sad, but a few people starting consuming it again might bring the balance back and not waste.

  • beth

    ready for more information on being healthy

  • Lisa

    I agree with Brenda 100%. This IS a real problem. Paleo / AIP diets become a problem in general. How much bacon is in one pig. Everyone wants to eat bacon. Everyone wants bones and more bones to make broth. How many lbs of bones are in one cow? Not enough to supply a family of 4 broth for an entire year. And as Brenda mentioned, one cow liver is about 10lbs. That will go quickly. Then what, kill another cow? I imagine there are many ‘leftover’ organ meats from all the factory farmed animals, but eating that can’t be a viable, healthy option! We have to think bigger when we discuss nutrition. It’s not just about the individual’s health. What about the health of the planet!