James Norris – How to Hack Your Life, Productivity and Sleep

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Today we’ve got a brand new episode of the PaleoHacks podcast for you all about productivity, brain hacks, improving sleep, and more.

Now, some of you may be daunted by the term ‘biohacking’ – but it is much simpler than it sounds, and can help improve your life dramatically. Most of my personal health breakthroughs came from self-experimentation – because ultimately the best learnings come from actually trying things on yourself, and seeing what works for you!

In this episode, Clark & James discuss ways to improve sleep, get more done, and more:

  • Ways to “cheat” your sleep system! (hint: less hours and more energy)
  • Biohacking and why it matters to YOU
  • Are to-do lists actually productive?
  • Productivity secrets for get more done in less time.
  • Top brain hacks that will dramatically transform your life
  • Cheap ways to biohack on a budget

James was gracious enough to put together some show notes on the “hacks” covered in this episode here:

James Norris Show Notes & Life Hacks

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