How to Cool or Heat Your House Naturally

Did you know that you can effectively help heat your house in the winter, and cool it in the summer by properly landscaping your property? It is very common to drive through the suburbs and see a few short, new trees that won’t do much as of yet, but when you go through a mature […]

Learn How To Cook Savory,
Mouth-Watering Paleo Meals in Minutes!

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4 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home

If you are new to limiting waste in your home and currently setting out two, three or even more garbage bags of trash per week as a family, then not only are you contributing to a problem but that’s a lot of money you’re throwing away! Fortunately, we have some pointers for you on how […]

5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

We all know that too many sweets and desserts aren’t good for us but sometimes things can work in your favor, especially when you take a look at the many incredible benefits of dark chocolate. It’s not often you can come across a food that is a dessert item yet it can benefit your body […]

How to Love Yourself

If you’re struggling with self-confidence and have decided to do something about it, you have plenty of options before you. Everyone says “you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else” and that’s most likely true. If you don’t respect yourself, how will anyone else? Some people just don’t know how to […]

Idiot-Proof Paleo Yogurt

A huge amount of our dietary decisions are not really decisions. More often, our food choices are the product of auto-pilot. They are the result of ingrained habit. We all have busy lives, and the less active decision-making required, the easier life is, am I right? It is getting past the standard-American-diet-on-auto-pilot and into a […]

Banana Apple Cinnamon Faux-Oatmeal

I am convinced that what consistently draws people to a warm cup of coffee or a comforting bowl of oatmeal is the power of the morning ritual. I believe that people need the reassurance of the familiar in those first hours of the day, in order to help them get up and running. When making […]

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Hardboiled eggs are the ultimate portable Paleo snack, but they do get boring. It’s worth making an effort to include them often though, because they are such a cheap and easy source of complete protein and fat. If you possibly can, get organic free range eggs. The premium price is really minor considering how far […]

Coconut Mango Sorbet

When my daughter was little there was an ice cream truck that stalked our neighborhood. It always came around “happy hour” that magical time between four and seven when every parent wants to hide from their children because it is too early to put them to bed OR drink wine. Our solution to the ice cream […]

Chocolate Breakfast Milkshake

Have we discussed your need for a high speed blender? I love my Blendtec.  It’s changed my life in terms of my ability to get greens into my stubbornly picky palate. But there is so much more to a great blender than a wonderful green smoothie. There are nut milks and butters, soups, batters, and […]

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Traditionally carb and grain heavy, breakfast can be a difficult meal to shift to a Paleo framework, especially when feeding kids. However, it’s important to make that change as it is a great opportunity to set the nutritional tone for the day and fuel your kids up with nutrient-dense real food. This humble sweet potato […]

Red Curry Chicken

If you aren’t already frequenting the Asian food isle in your local grocery store, you really should be. This is one area that is a definite exception to the rule “shop the perimeter.” Untold treasures can be found in this section, and I never leave the store without loading up. Look for coconut milk and […]

Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins

I have said and I will say again that Paleo baked goods are the scourge of the Paleo-sphere because they generally pack a huge caloric and omega-6 punch. Dressing up your grok-food to look like standard American diet fare is not really the point of making dietary improvements. Having said that, I am not completely […]

Crunchy Sweet Potato Hash

This is a relatively simply breakfast recipe that requires that you have some leftover sweet potato and an optional meat; I’ve chosen ground beef as I’m utterly hooked on the grass-fed stuff! The key to perfecting this dish is in the timing, so make sure you don’t toss the ingredients so frequently that the sweet potatoes […]

Fearsome Flat Iron Steak

If you are looking to make the switch to Paleo, you are going to need to broaden your repertoire. Flat Iron steak is a terrific value. This is the kind of steak normally used for fajitas, but I like to use it as an all-purpose Paleo protein. With a little front-end effort you can grill […]

Protein Breakfast Cookie

“Fast” is the holy grail for a Paleo breakfast. These protein-packed cookies fit the bill. With just three ingredients and a blender, you can easily make them before work or school. The cook time is just long enough so that you can reasonably do double duty by jumping in the shower while they bake. The […]

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