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Casey Thaler, B.A., NASM-CPT, FNS is an NASM® certified personal trainer and NASM® certified fitness nutrition specialist. He writes for Paleo Magazine®, The Paleo Diet® and Greatist®. He also runs his own nutrition and fitness consulting company, Eat Clean, Train Clean®. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry.

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Why You Need Niacin

Why You Need Niacin

Introduction Of all the B vitamins, niacin may be the single most overlooked. In fact, I would be willing to bet that many of you reading had never heard of niacin before you saw it in the title of this post. That’s quite okay; it is an important but unpopular vitamin. Hopefully today I can […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Cholesterol

Why You Shouldn't Avoid Cholesterol

Introduction For the entirety of my lifetime, cholesterol has been demonized, claimed as the worst thing in the world and something to avoid at all costs. I mentally put it on par with the Boogeyman and the reminder to “never take candy from strangers.” I grew up in a time where Snackwells, high sugar, low […]

How to Do A Stress-Busting 5 Minute Workout

How To Do A Stress Busting 5 Minute Workout

Introduction As a writer/personal trainer/nutritionist/business owner, sometimes I have days where I simply have no time to make it to the gym. Okay, I OFTEN have days where I simply have no time to make it to the gym. Luckily, I can fall back on a “5 minute workout,” which is simple, fast, exhausting and […]

Why You Need More Magnesium

Why You Need More Magnesium

Introduction Most of my clients are shocked to learn that they are deficient in magnesium, and over 75% of them receive this diagnosis. A widespread addiction to coffee, a poor diet, large amounts of stress, and small amounts of sleep can all add up to magnesium deficiency. Once you are low, things become very unpleasant […]

Why You Should Avoid Holiday Meals

Why You Should Avoid Holiday Meals

Introduction Those in the Paleo community are well aware of many of the less-than-desirable characteristics of the standard holiday eating fare. Boatloads of processed wheat, sugary desserts, heavy gravy… Quite simply, it’s a veritable nutritional disaster. So how do you make it past the holidays without the standard weight gain (which almost no one loses […]

Why We’re Fat

Why We're Fat

It should come as no surprise to anyone walking the streets, eating in a restaurant, or simply interacting with other human beings, that we, as a world population, have never been fatter. While this fact is just brushed aside, scoffed at, and ignored…it shouldn’t be. Our ever-increasing waistline is breaking our healthcare system, and our […]

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