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Casey Thaler, B.A., NASM-CPT, FNS is an NASM® certified personal trainer and NASM® certified fitness nutrition specialist. He writes for Paleo Magazine®, The Paleo Diet® and Greatist®. He also runs his own nutrition and fitness consulting company, Eat Clean, Train Clean®. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry.

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Vitamin D: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin D: Are You Deficient?

What Is It? Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, though its naming as a vitamin is actually factually inaccurate. Not only can most mammals synthesize vitamin D in adequate amounts, when exposed to enough sunlight, but it is synthesized in one part of the body, while acting in another. As far as obtaining vitamin D via food, […]

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How To Not Get Sick

How To Not Get Sick - Paleohacks

No one likes getting sick. Tiredness, achiness, vomiting, colds – these are not memorable experiences. As modern medicine has progressed, we have yet to find cures for the most basic of ailments, such as the common cold. And imagine the potential money that could be made. This type of condition is one where good, consistent […]

5 Overlooked Foods And Nutrients

overlooked foods and nutrients paleohacks

Though the paleo community has discovered and endorsed many great foods like kale, grassfed beef, wild caught fish and others, some foods still go unrecognized. Though I don’t agree with the term “superfood”, the paleo community has definitely overlooked some excellent dietary choices. Now, perhaps I am biased, but I don’t see many people eating […]

Work Out With No Equipment

work out with no equipment paleohacks

If you buy into the marketing, hype, and consumerism of modern society, you will no doubt think that you need a gym loaded with barbells, dumbbells, and tons of machines to get a good workout in. Well, just like following a paleo diet disproves and goes against the grain, so does a paleo-inspired workout. None […]

Anti-Nutrients: Should You Worry?

anti nutrients paleohacks

When one adopts a paleo diet or paleo lifestyle, sooner or later they come across the concept of ‘anti-nutrients’. Anti-nutrients are generally defined as “natural or synthetic compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients”. Anti-nutrients decrease bioavailability of nutrients by modifying the molecular structure, or by hindering digestion and/or absorption of foods. A real-world example of […]

The Truth About Food Addiction

the truth about food addiction paleohacks

Hypothesis Is food addictive? Anyone who has ever drowned their sorrows in a pint of Häagen-Dazs will already know the answer to that question. But I am interested in the actual SCIENTIFIC answer to that question. On a dopaminergic and cellular level, does food cause addiction? The answer, quite simply, is yes. But there are a myriad […]

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