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Casey Thaler, B.A., NASM-CPT, FNS is an NASM® certified personal trainer and NASM® certified fitness nutrition specialist. He writes for Paleo Magazine®, The Paleo Diet® and Greatist®. He also runs his own nutrition and fitness consulting company, Eat Clean, Train Clean®. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry.

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You Should Sit Less And Sleep More

Sit Less and Sleep More

Introduction I think we can all agree, without having to look at research, that the title of this article (Sit Less and Sleep More), speaks for itself. However, interestingly more and more current research is showing just how dangerous sitting and not getting enough sleep, can compromise our health, even to a molecular level. And […]

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Death By Fructose: The Toxin to Avoid

Death By Fructose

Everyone in the world seems to be in agreement that excess sugar consumption is detrimental, even poisonous, to one’s health. However, what many people continue to overlook, is that there are many different types of sugar. And one of these, fructose, is by far the most detrimental to your health. Excess fructose, I would argue, […]

5 Exercises You Should Start Doing

5 Exercises You Should Start Doing

As a personal trainer, I constantly get asked (in my free time, nonetheless!) what exercises are “best”. While this is a highly variable question, which depends on the person’s health, injury status, stress level, and other individual variables, there are some “classic” exercises that tend to give you the most “bang for your buck”. While […]

How To Grow New Brain Cells

How To Grow New Brain Cells

If you are not deeply ensconced in the scientific literature, particularly the field of neurology, the title to this article may seem preposterous, far-fetched, and straight out of a 1950s scientific fiction novel. But the startling fact is, adults are FULLY CAPABLE of growing new brain cells, no matter how old they may be. As […]

Vitamin B12: More Important Than You Realize

Vitamin B12

Introduction Vitamin B12 is possibly one of the most important vitamins, period. You may only be modestly familiar with it, but certainly your cells are not – since B12 is involved in the metabolism of every cell in the human body. Deficiency of B12 is akin to going crazy – quite literally, since it is […]

Zinc: Are You Getting Enough?


Introduction Many in the “Paleosphere” are familiar with the essential mineral zinc. However, they may not know much about it, beyond its name. They may correlate it to the scientific periodic table of the elements, or in helping with the common cold. But zinc is in fact required for activity in over 100 different enzymes. […]

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