The 21-Day Paleo Meal Plan

Sometimes the toughest part about starting (or maintaining) a particular diet is finding the time to plan out your meals. Good news: we’ve done the work for you! 

Learn How To Cook Savory,
Mouth-Watering Paleo Meals in Minutes!

If you want all the amazing health benefits of the Paleo Diet - including a flat stomach, younger skin and strong, lean muscles - but you're not sure what to eat each day, click the button below!


5 Fat-Burning Recipes

When it comes to fat, we can universally agree that we all want less of it. But many of us lose our way on just what to eat in order to achieve this goal.

10 Ways To Save Time Every Day

It’s hard to think of a time when we were more pressed for extra moments in the day. Not only do most jobs require us to work beyond a 40-hour week, we now have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with. And that is a bare minimum social media regimen. If one is to […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Unplug

It’s no secret that we all spend way too much time indoors and on digital devices. But what can we do about this?

Low-Intensity vs. High-Intensity Exercise

These days, it’s all the rage to partake in high-intensity exercise, which is short in duration and large on the sweat. But as is the case with most trendy things, the hype is not all it seems. 

11 Healthy Alternatives To Coffee

Although most of us love the caffeine-soaked buzz of coffee, we also recognize that it may not be the healthiest of beverages. Too much coffee can make us anxious, unable to sleep, and may keep our stress hormones burning all day long.  

3 Top Veggies For Brain Health

When it comes to worrisome potential health problems, none may be more feared than neurodegenerative diseases. The loss of our brain’s function is a horrifying prospect for most of us, and more than ever, we are interested in just how we can prevent it. It turns out that our high carbohydrate/low fat diets have in […]

The Ultimate Guide To Probiotics

Until the last 5-10 years, many people did not know what “probiotics” were. I certainly didn’t. They probably weren’t familiar with “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria. They likely did not know the term “microbiome” or what actually was in their yogurt. But thanks to science (and some healthy marketing), probiotics are now fairly mainstream, which […]

The 7 Best Ways To Build Muscle

Besides fat loss, I receive the most questions from new clients about how they can build muscle. Though the answers are deceptively simple, they are much harder to put into practice. Therefore, as you read through this article, I want you to come up with a solid plan on how you want to implement these […]

Vitamin C: Facts and Myths

When you are compiling a list of beneficial foods and vitamins, I’m going to guess that fruits will make your list. And when it comes to health, no vitamin is likely thought of more than vitamin C. After all, isn’t this why we are all told, ad nauseam, to consume so much orange juice? And […]

How To Live Paleo in The Digital Age

By now, we have all recognized that sometimes we spend far too much time on our computers and other digital devices. This runs in contrast to the very core idea of the Paleo concept of sunshine, natural food and face-to-face socialization. So what can we do to help us spend a little less time in […]

Why You Literally Are What You Eat

People in my generation grew up with pretty “laissez-faire” eating habits. We ate a lot of processed food, drank soda, and were fairly unaware of the benefits of a proper diet. I still remember ordering my daily “pizza stix” from the lunch line at my school cafeteria! The public awareness of organic food, a low-carb lifestyle, and the […]

The Effects of TV On Your Brain

Americans now watch a staggering amount of television. In fact, the average American now watches 5 hours of television per day. If that isn’t a scary statistic – I don’t know what is. Granted, this number is obtained by averaging some people (like myself) who do not watch any television, with those (mostly elderly) who […]

Is Cortisol Your Worst Enemy?

Of all the hormones interacting within your body on a daily basis, cortisol may be the most familiar to you. It also may be the hidden element that is making you fat. Do you wake up every morning, already feeling like you are behind? Do you rush from your morning routine, to the car, to […]

Diet and Mental Health: What You Need to Know

Do you know someone who eats fast food constantly, lives on soda and energy drinks, and drinks alcohol frequently? I think we can all answer a definitive “yes” to that question. Sadly, in America, this is almost the norm when it comes to lifestyle choices. But what is this type of day in and day […]

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