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PaleoHacks is an online paleo diet community that promotes a healthy lifestyles through primal methods. PaleoHacks started as a way for people share recipes, ideas and general opinions about the Paleolithic lifestyle. Now, whether it be the paleo diet, physical fitness or overall wellness, PaleoHacks has evolved into an online resource for healthy living. check us out on Facebook.

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No Bake Carrot Cake with Kefir Cream

No Bake Carrot Cake - Paleohacks

On those hot summer days you just can’t bring yourself to turn on the oven.. but it doesn’t mean you don’t feel like cake!This recipe won’t give you that fluffy cake texture, but it is the next best thing that tastes like carrot cake that has you using the fridge – not the oven! Not […]

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Keto Clarity: Eat Fat To Burn Fat

Todays guest is actually one of our speakers from our upcoming Women’s Weight Loss event — Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is the author of the brand new book, Keto Clarity, and is an expert when it comes to carbohydrates & ketosis. So if you’re looking to cut carbs (or to find a role for them in […]

Two Paleo Hot Beverages For Winter

2 Paleo Hot Beverages for Winter - Paleohacks

Enjoy these two Paleo hot beverages cozying up by the fire this fall or winter! Hot Cocoa with Ginger Adding arrowroot flour to the recipe will thicken this hot cocoa drink, making for a slight custard texture to the beverage. Adding arrowroot to the recipe is completely optional. Serves 2 1 1/2 cups water 1 […]

The Sweet Potato and Broccoli Combination: 2 Yummy Recipes

Sweet Potato Broccoli Combo - Paleohacks

When it comes down to cooking for yourself and working outside of a cookbook, knowing ingredients that work well together is key and in itself is almost the only thing you need to know to create a tasty and enjoyable dish. Sweet potato and broccoli is one of those combinations. Together, they not only work […]

Paleo Foods For Long Term Storage

Paleo Foods For Long Term Storage - Paleohacks

Most long term or long life food options will fall into a non-paleo category; MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) even when grain-free are generally full of added ingredients such as soy and preservatives. Foods low in fat that can be vacuum sealed for longer life are usually rice, pasta and lentils and canned foods although […]

Making Your Desserts Green: 3 Yummy Recipes to Try

Making Your Desserts Green - Paleohacks

Are you having a hard time eating your greens? I have an answer for you! Put them into your desserts. Surprisingly, you can actually get a huge hit of your daily greens by making your desserts green. You can benefit from using the powdered sources of superfoods, such as spirulina. You can also grate up […]

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