The New Paleohacks

Hey there!

You may have noticed that the main Paleohacks site has changed quite a bit!

As of today, we’ve launched a brand new version of Paleohacks — We’ve been working very hard on this and are VERY excited to launch this site – and hope you are as well!

There are a few details to go through, to catch you up to speed…


As it is brand new — it is very likely that you will run into a bug or two at some point in using the site. Please don’t fret – if you do run into any issues, just e-mail if you notice anything.

Aside from bugs, you may notice other issues here and there – just please know that we are working constantly on improving this site, and in the next 30 days or so, will hopefully have ironed out any kinks that we run into.

Benefits of the new site

Given the growth of Paleo and awareness of the Paleo diet, it was time for us to “grow up” and develop to our own platform, for these reasons:

1. More control — we’ll be to continuously improve Paleohacks without any limitations.

2. Speed improvements — we built our platform with speed in mind, so you should notice a significant improvement in site speed and response as you use the site.

3. Better community engagement – We know you’ve been calling out for improvements for a while, and it may have seemed like banging your head against the wall — that should no longer be the case, as we are now implementing your suggestions!

Next steps for you, as a Paleohacks Member

One thing you will need to do to use the platform is reset your password. I know, I know, its a hassle, but because of the encryption used, we can’t actually import your password, so you need to reset it. Thanks for understanding.

Reset your password here.

The future of Paleohacks

We’re pumped for our re-launch of

I know that the first week or two will have a few bumps, as there are with any new software launch, but I hope that you will be patient and understanding as we work through any issues. Please also remember that we are NOT Apple, Google, or Microsoft – we are a small company and for the most part, this is a much smaller operation.

Alright, thats it. You can also feel free to e-mail me at <a href=””></a> if you have any questions about anything. Or if you just want to chat and say Hi, of course. :)

Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to continue working on Paleohacks and making it the absolute best Paleo community and resource there is.



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